Download Cinema HD for iOS (iPhone & iPad)

It is a one-stop destination for the people who are looking to download the Cinema HD for iOS gadgets such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, without jailbreak or no revoke.

Cinema APK is one of the fantastic application that is streaming across several devices.

It is famous because of its versatile content and mammoth sized collection. As you know many of streaming apps are shutting down because of various reasons.

Cinema HD iOS app image

But, Cinema HD is the application that remains running successfully. So to have Cinema HD on your streaming devices makes you more comfortably sit and easy to watch movies and TV Shows.

We learnt about how to stream Cinema HD for Android, Windows, Mac, Smart TV and Firestick.

Editor’s Note:-

Due to some device restrictions, we don’t have an iOS version of the Cinema HD app. Don’t worry, luckily we’ve got the perfect alternative application of Cinema HD that is Zinitevi. Sometimes, Zinitevi referred to as the Cinema HD iOS version.

This page is dedicated to how to install Cinema HD on iOS platforms. It is pretty much simple and easy. Just follow the steps I mentioned below.

Install Cinema HD on iOS (No Jailbreak or Revoke Needed)

Installing the app on iOS is somewhat tricky.

We first have to know about, where we can get the app??

We have many third-party apple app stores by which you can get the app.

Some of app stores are…

  1. App Valley
  2. TweakBox App
  3. Tutuapp
  4. Aptoide
  5. Appland

To install the app on your device, need to have any of the app store installed on your iPhone. You can choose the app store from the above list.

Here, I’m choosing App Valley iOS store to get the app.

This procedure involves two sub methods.

  1. Install App Valley.
  2. Get Cinema HD/Zinitevi by using App Valley.

Download Cinema HD for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Method 1: Directly through TestFlight

Before going to install Cinema HD on your iOS device, download and install the TestFlight app.

Why TestFlight for iOS?

Anyone can test their iOS app directly from the web or third-party stores through IPA file. So, your device no longer require to revoke and jailbreak to install such a apps. Also, it only allow secured applications so no need to worry about other than app store apps.

1. Open App store on your iOS device.

2. Search for “TestFlight”.

3. Click on “Get” to install.

testflight for ios screenshot

4. Visit this link: using Safari browser or chrome.

5. Click on “Download ZINITEVI (No Revoke)” button.

cinema hd website or URL screenshot

6. It will take you to the TestFlight page, click on “Continue”.

Continue testflight screenshot

7. Accept.

Accept screenshot 4

8. Again, Accept for tezi.

accept screenshot 4

9. Install.

Install cinema hd ios screenshot

10. Open

open screenshot 4

11. Click Next under From the Developer option.

next screenshot 4

12. Start Testing.

start testing screenshot

13. No, Thank.

No thank screenshot

14. Welcome to Zinitevi, Click on “Get started”.

welcome page of cinema hd

15. Select your language and Click Done.

Go to home screen, tap on “tezi” icon and enjoy truly free content on your apple phones.

Method 2: How to Install Cinema HD on iOS using Appvalley

Installing App Valley

  • To download App Valley, we must have an updated Safari Browser.
  • On safari browser, go to website.
  • You will find install App Valley and Get Vip on the home page.
  • Go ahead and click on install App Valley.
  • By following upcoming prompts, install the App Valley store on your iOS.
  • To open App Valley, you need to allow some permissions.
  • Go to Settings —> General —> Profiles & Device Management —> Enterprise App >>> App Valley —> Trust (Tap Twice).

Method 2: Download the App

  • Open App Valley Store.
  • We can see the collection of apps on the home page.
  • Search for Zinitevi by using the search option.
  • Next click on GET.
  • Hold on some time for the app to be installed.
  • You need to Trust the app here as well.
  • Settings —> General —> Profiles & Device Management —> Enterprise App >>> Zinitevi —> Trust
  • That’s it!!!

As you can see, the alternative of Cinema HD for the iOS version has been installed.

Open the app and watch your favorite movies/tv shows on your iPhone.


1. Do I need to jailbreak the device to install the app?

No, it doesn’t required, as the app store is legitimated.

2. Is there any other alternatives available for Cinema HD for iOS?

  • Tubi TV
  • Popcornflix
  • Showbox
  • Bobbymovies

3. Can I use other app stores to get the app?

You can install the app by using TUTTapp, Tweakbox store and Appland.