How to Install Cinema HD for Roku TV – Latest Guide 2023

Today, Roku has a lot of channels available under the entertainment category. However, there are few apps that can’t available on Roku’s official store. The Cinema HD app is one of them, but how to install this kind of apps. In this guide, I will provide you how to install and use Cinema HD on Roku TV by All screen or local cast.

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Let’s unmask all the paragraphs that are involved in getting the app on Roku Stick.

You know Roku TV is such an incredible streaming device which adapts to almost all the applications.

On this page, I’m going to let you know what are the different steps that lead to watch your favourite application Cinema HD on Roku TV.

Cinema HD for Roku Featured Image

You can stream Cinema HD on different platforms. Check the below info and browse whatever you want.

Detailed Steps to Install Cinema HD on Roku TV

As you know Cinema HD is an android application that can be installed only on Android devices such as Android mobile phones, Firestick. While Roku is a streaming device for TVs that runs on its own OS.

So, to install Cinema HD on Roku TV we must use few third party applications.

And also, you should make use of a special mechanism so-called Casting. It is nothing but mirroring the content of the smartphone on to the Roku TV.

Predominantly, there are two methods which lets you install Cinema HD on Roku TV.

  1. With the help of All Screen
  2. Using Local Cast Method

So, these methods indirectly exploits of Android device.

1. Install Cinema HD by using All Screen

It is very easy and simple to install the app by using this method. Follow the steps keenly without skipping.

Set Up Connection between Smartphone and Roku

  • Please ensure both Roku TV and smartphone are connected to the same WiFi/Internet connection.
  • Download the AllScreen app from the Playstore.
Download AllScreen Screenshot
  • Install the app on your smartphone accordingly.
Install the AllScreen Application Screenshot
  • Open All Screen application and it starts searching for the nearest Roku Devices.
  • Choose your Roku device, pair up the Smartphone and Roku TV.
Select Roku Device Screenshot
  • That’s it!!!

Cast Cinema HD on Roku TV

  • Download the Cinema HD from this page. It is 100% safe and secure.
  • Install the app accordingly.
  • Please visit the page Download Cinema HD for Android page to download the app.
  • Open the app.
Cinema HD on Smartphone Screenshot
  • And choose any video content.
Video Content Screenshot
  • Click on the video and select Open With.
Select Open With Screenshot
  • Now select All Screen Player.
Select All Screen Screenshot
  • You can now able to see Cinema HD is streaming on Roku TV.

The above method works absolutely great and pretty much simple and easy. Due to any other reason, if that doesn’t work, you can go to the below method.

2. Download Cinema HD on Roku TV using Local Cast

Here also we’re going to use one third-party application.

  • Install the Local Cast app on your smartphone.
Install LocalCast Screenshot
  • Open the app
Open LocalCast Screenshot
  • Click on Casting ICON.
Click on Cast Screenshot
  • It shows you a list of options that are available to pair up.
  • Toggle the Roku button right side.
  • With this, you’ve connected to Roku and Android TV.
  • Download and Install the Cinema HD app from this page.
  • Open the Cinema HD on your smartphone.
Cinema HD on Smartphone Screenshot
  • Try to open your favorite Movie/Video.
Open Video Screenshot
  • Click on Play With.
Open with screenshot
  • And select the Local Cast Option.
Open with LocalCast Screenshot
  • Eventually, your favourite movie is playing on Roku TV.

Questions & Answers


Yes, It is absolutely free to download Cinema HD on Roku. Simple thing is, you need to have Roku device which is working.


No, it doesn’t require any privilege access to install the apps.


Both the methods are good, but I can say installing Cinema HD by using All Screen method is the best choice.