How to Download & Install Cinema HD on Xbox Series X/S

A detailed guide about how to stream Cinema HD on Xbox Series X/S device. With this, you can also watch your favorite titles along with games now.

The title of this page seems to be confusing and interesting. Isn’t it??? Myself, when I heard it for the first time, I was a little shocked. How could a gaming device be used as a streaming device?

I got a lot of requests via social media platforms and from my personal blog saying that please explain how to run Cinema HD on a gaming device, Xbox. I was a little surprised, how it can be done.

After trying a lot of trail and error methods, finally I stopped at one method. Let’s see, What it is???

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I will take you to the installation steps of how to set up this app on Xbox.

Xbox Series Featured Image

As we all know, Xbox Series X/S is a video gaming console and it is used to play the all types of games. You can purchase and download the games online with the help of Xbox Series X/S.

So, it is somewhat difficult task to bring our favorite streaming application on Xbox. But we made this possible and easy.

To carry out this process, we must be ready with some requirements.

  1. Xbox Series X/S
  2. Android Phone
  3. TV Set
  4. HDMI Cable

Here, we will use one interfacing app that connects your Android Phone and Xbox Series.

On your Smartphone, please download AllCast application.

Now switch on Xbox Series X/S and connect it to the TV by using HDMI Cable.

Open AllConnect App and search for the Xbox device which is active.

Search and find your Xbox and tap on Connect.

Thereby, we’ve successfully established connection between smartphone and Xbox Series X/S.

Stream Cinema HD on Xbox Series X/S

  • As Cinema HD is a third-party application, just enable the apps from unknown sources.
  • Go to Menu —> Settings —> More Settings —> Applications —> Install Unknown Apps.
Enable Unknown Sources Screenshot
  • Download the Cinema HD application on your Smartphone.
  • By following appropriate steps, please install the application.
  • Once Cinema HD installed on your smartphone, open the application.
Cinema HD on Smartphone Screenshot
  • Go to the Video content that you wants to play and click on Open with…
Open With Screenshot
  • Now it’ll show you the list of Media Players, select AllCast and click OK.
Open with AllCast Screenshot
  • That’s it.
  • You can now see video content is playing your TV by means of Xbox Series X/S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any other alternative rather than using Smartphone?

Yes, we can use Windows PC to stream Cinema HD on Xbox Series X/S.

Can I stream Cinema HD on Xbox for free?

You can stream the app for free. You no need to pay anything to use its services.