How to Stream Cinema HD on Apple TV

This page is dedicated to how to install Cinema HD on Apple TV. As you know, Apple products come with the highest form of technology, and no one breaks the system’s intellectuality.

You know using Apple products is a symbol of dignity and a state of iconic in society.

So, streaming Cinema HD on Apple TV is the perfect combination. Cinema HD offers a wide range of Movies and TV Shows.

Install Cinema HD on Apple TV

To start with the procedure, we must have a mac computer.

As we see, we don’t have the iOS version of Cinema HD. So we are using different apps for iOS. Click here to know about the iOS application of Cinema HD.

Here, we’re going to use Zinitevi as an iOS version of Cinema HD. The content in Zinitevi is a replica of the Cinema HD application.

To install the app on Apple TV, we’ll make use of a third-party application that acts as a bridge between our application and Apple TV. That is none other than Cydia Impactor.

Are you curious about Cydia Impactor?

It’s a utility app that is used to install .ipa files on Apple devices such as iPhone, iPod, and Apple TV through a process called side-loading.

Let’s first know about the installation of the Cydia Impactor.

Install Cydia Impactor

Download Cydia Impactor
  • Scroll over to the download folder.
  • Install the file like any other application on your Computer.
  • With that, you have installed the Cydia Impactor.

Once you’ve installed Cydia Impactor, it’s time to sideload Zinitevi on Apple TV.

I don’t think it’s a big deal to go up with the installation of Zinitevi on Apple TV. You almost have your favourite app on your device.

Add Cinema HD to Apple TV by Cydia Impactor

Before proceeding to this method, we must connect our Apple TV and Mac computer by using USB-C to USB-A cables. It’s self-explanatory, once you have both the devices.

If you’re facing any hiccups while connecting TV and Computer, surf the internet. You will find many guides on how to do that.

Now open Cydia Impactor, you can notice that Apple TV is connected to a computer via Cydia Impactor.

  • Download the iOS version of Zinitevi on your mac.
  • Refer the following link to get the app:
  • After downloading the file, save it on local disk.
  • Now move the file on to the Cydia Impactor.
  • Enter your Apple ID and Password for authentication purpose.
  • Next click on OK.
  • Restart the Apple TV now.
  • That’s it, app has been successfully installed on your Apple TV.
  • Stay at home and enjoy free movies

Questions & Answers

Is it possible to install the app without Cydia Impactor?

No, we should use Cydia Impactor. It acts as an interfacing application between your Apple TV and Mac computer.

Can I install the app with the help of an iPhone?

Unfortunately, No. We can not install the app by using iPhone. We must have a mac computer to install the app on Apple TV.

Can I download Cinema HD for Apple TV?

No, we don’t have the iOS version of Cinema HD. Instead, we can go for Zinitevi and Tubi TV.