Cinema HD APK V2 (2.6.0) Download Latest Version for Android

Welcome to the official Cinema HD V2 downloading page. On this page, download the latest version of Cinema HD APK for all Android devices directly.

We ( provide the original, working, and 100% safe. With this apk, it’s easy to run Cinema HD on other platform devices including Firestick, PC, Mac, and Smart TV.

Enhance your video streaming on both mobile screens and bigger screens with its features.

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What is Cinema HD V2?

Cinema Apk application gives unlimited access to popular movie titles, the latest TV shows, and HD releases. There might have avail hundreds of streaming services in these days but Cinema HD is best at extracting HQ links for free.

This app is listed as one of the best free alternatives to premium services like Netflix. Cinemahd doesn’t require account creation on it and never asks for a single penny. It is completely free to use.

Cinema HD Vs Terrarium TV

Cinema HD came into the industry as a Terrarium TV replacement after its shutdown. But, It has got more popularity than Terrarium TV because of its added and unique features.

It has become a standard app, available since 2017.

Download Cinema HD APK V2 Latest Version

App NameCinema HD V2
Version Name
Beta Version (Analatics APK)
Size30.1 MB
Android Version Requires4.5 or above
Total Downloads70,000,000+
Main TasksVideo search engine

Recent Changelog (What’s New)

  • Add options Sync trakt only.
  • Fixed bugs: Favorites not syncing with Trakt properly.
  • Remove OnlyStream

Older Versions


Download Cinema HD BETA Version (Analytics APK)? How to Use?

  • You can install an analytics apk along with existing cinema hd to experience upcoming features in advance. It is purely for testing purposes only.
  • Currently, the beta version is available for Android and Firestick users without any limitations.
  • It will help developers to monitor and solve crashlytics and beta features from real-time users.

How to Install Cinema HD V2 on Android Smartphones and Tablets

This section will help you how to download and install Cinema APK on any Android device. Make sure to follow the step-by-step guide while installing the app.

Note:- Officially, this app is not available in the play store so we need to install it as a third-party application.


Click the ‘Download Now’ button from the above section, and save the cinemahd.apk file to your device.


Once the download is complete, you’ll get a notification and tap on the download notification. It can also be saved on your mobile storage (File Manager or Downloads folder)

  • Now you can see a installation wizard now, Click on Install.
Install screenshot
  • Tap on Open
open screenshot
  • Click on Allow (Allow Cinema HD V2 to access photos, media, and files on your device)
allow screenshot
  • Click Accept for Disclaimer page.
disclaimer screenshot
  • Check change Logs and Click on OK.
changelog screenshot


Android higher version (Pie, 10 & 11)

Settings -> Apps or Application-> Cinema HD V2 -> Advanced -> Install Unknown Apps

  • Toggle right to Enable “Allow from this source” option.

Android lower version (< Pie)

Settings / Security / Unknown Source

  • Enable Unknown sources


As soon as the installation is complete, tap on Open.

How to Update Cinema HD App?

Are you facing any trouble updating your Cinema HD? Is your CinemaHD update failed or been aborted? Sometimes it won’t get updated due to several problems.

Don’t worry, follow the instructions given below to get a new and updated version in no time.

There are two ways to update this app. These methods are simple and easy.

AUTO UPDATE – Method 1

When it has a newer version available then it sends an update notification from its servers. Simply click on the “Install” button to download the latest version. Follow the next screen steps.

Update Cinema HD app image

If you’re not getting auto-update means you may click the ‘Remind me later!’ accidentally. If not, clear the cache/data.

To do this, go to the Android settings page.

  • Tap on Apps & Notifications (App Manager, or App List)
  • Scroll down to find Cinema HD v2.
  • Tap on it.
  • Click the Storage option.
  • Tap on “Clear cache”.
  • Next, tap on “Clear data”.

Go back to the main menu, re-open the app, and now you’ll get an update notification window. Use this button to update your app.


This is completely different from the above method. You need to use this method when the first method won’t work.

It just needs four steps.

  • Open the app on your device.
  • Go to menu -> Communicat, Tab on “New Update available!!!“.
cinema hd update screenshot 2
  • It will take you to the official website, download the latest version apk file.
  • Re-install it again.

No need to uninstall the older version.

Remember that, this will remove all your app data like watching history, downloads, bookmarks, searches, favorites, etc.

Is Cinema HD Ad-Free APK Available?

Cinema HD Af Free Image

Are you suffering from more and more advertisements while watching movies on the Cinema HD app? Then I’ll let you know about how to reduce or stop ads.

Cinema HD with ExoPlayer can offer fewer ads.

As of today, the version I provided here is a completely Ad-free version. But, in the future developers may monetize with ad networks. If you’re getting annoying ads and popup ads then you can block them without an Ad-free Mod version.

This section will guide you on how to get rid of adverts.

Step-By-Step Tutorial: Block Ads on Cinema APK

These methods support both mobiles and TVs. Here we will take the Android version to guide you. You can also try this on Android Box/ Fire TV.


  • Open Cinema APK menu.
  • Go to the Settings page.
  • Tap on Choose default video player… option.
  • Select ExoPlayer(Native).


  • No Ads while playing a video
  • Sometimes a couple of ads may appear at the start and end. That never interrupts us.


Use freemium ad blockers instead of premium ones. There are many adblocking services available but AdGuard free version can work great.

It can be downloadable from the official website or play store.

You can easily block/unblock ads for a particular app with just one click.

Is Cinema HD Safe?

There is NO risk when you download the Cinema HD to PC, iOS, and Android devices from trusted sources. However, it is available as an APK file but still can sideload it technically.

You have to realize that there is no official .exe file for Windows so please avoid downloading such apps. Likewise for iPhone.

As per the latest reports, many websites are misleading with cloned versions and that may harm your device with malware or virus.


Like any other app, cinema HD is also required to allow storage permission. It never collects our data such as IP address, watching history, location, personal data, camera, and phone.

Due to several issues, developers hosted the app on the filelinked store officially. The same file is hosted on third-party stores or websites.

Anyhow, I recommend using any virus protection and malware blocker for better security.

Is Cinema HD legal


How to Get Cinema HD Member Code for Free*

To unlock VIP features like zero ads, great RD support, try a membership program for just a few bucks.

We have a couple of hacks that can help you to get these features by mod version and beta version. But not safe at all. The safest method to get the app without advertisements is membership.

If you’re curious about how to get an activation code then keep reading.

  1. Tap the “Member activation” link in the app’s settings.
  2. On the next page, tap on “Pay with B******” under “How to get code”.
  3. Type your payment-linked email address, select your pack, and click Next.
  4. Complete payment.
  5. Once payment is done, the membership code will arrive at your email.
  6. Tap on “Input Member Code”.
  7. Type your code here.
  8. Tap on “Active”.

PRO TIP:- You can also get free codes on Reddit and Facebook groups/pages.


What are the major features of it? There are a lot of hidden features and functions available that you know before using this service.

The following are the notable features:


It is completely free of cost, has no subscription need, and is not app-in-purchased.


Watch the latest and most popular movies from 20+ categories with no limit.


Cinema HD can offer trending and recent TV programs in all seasons.


Save your loved video to storage for an offline viewing experience. Once you’ve downloaded a movie that never expires can stay forever.


Click the star icon to bookmark a particular movie/show. You can easily access them from a separate tab.


It has an inbuilt chromecast feature that can able cast content from mobile to TV with one click.


  • You can play content with 3 of the best video players; Exoplayer, MX player, and VLC player.
  • Real-Debrid support.
  • Cool filters for best results as Show HD links only, filter our CAM version link, Year, language, and more.
  • Backup and restore. You can enable the auto backup before updating the option.
  • available.
  • Android TV mode is designed for bigger screens like smart tv, computer, and tablets.
  • Subtitles: Play or Save with subtitles.


Why does Cinema HD require MX Player?

MX Player has useful playback options that will help to stream videos with a good user experience. Cinema HD has now required an MX Player to be installed on your device to enjoy uninterrupted streaming services.

Once you’ve installed MX Player then make it as default player from Cinema HD >> Settings >> Choose default player. Select MX Player.

Why do some links play with no sound but a picture?

This happens when you using the Cinema HD v2.3.1 version with MX Player. To fix this, change the video player to ExoPlayer or use the cinema apk latest version.

Is cinema HD free?

Absolutely free service.

Why is Cinema HD not finding links?

Sometimes, dead servers cause this problem. Cinema HD fetches the links from different hosting servers. Not every link works properly so it purely depends on the server side.

Does this app track you?

Not at all.

Does it require root?

No. You can install the app just like any other apk.


Are you facing any problems while downloading the Cinema HD app from our website? However, there are a couple of ways to download by visiting the official Filelinked store (94407748) and Troypoint.

Is Cinema HD not working? Have no fear, simply refer to the fix cinema hd errors page.

You can solve all common problems using that guide. If you find any other than that issue then write a comment below. Our experts will always help you!!!