How to Download and Install Cinema HD on PS4/PS3(Watch on PlayStation)

On this page, I will let you know one interesting topic that deals with streaming our favourite app on a friendly operating system. You will get to know how to Download and Install Cinema HD on PlayStation.

Whenever the word PlayStation comes to our mind, the first thing that strikes us is to play games. Yes, PS devices are well known for playing games and get exciting gaming experiences.

By this time, you might get an idea of what I’m talking about. You’re right…I’m gonna explain to you how to download and install the Cinema HD app on PS devices.

If you thoroughly through my website, you find detailed guides on the installation of Cinema HD on Smart TV, Android Mobile, Mac, Windows, Firestick and iOS.

Let’s now step on to the how-to download and install Cinema HD on PlayStation 4/3 devices.

PlayStation (PS4/PS3)

It’s a video game console developed by Sony Entertainments. It offers a series of services and acts as a media player, a gaming console, a line of controllers, and an online service.

So here we’ll take advantage of a media player and stream our Cinema HD application on PlayStation.

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How to Stream Cinema HD on PS4/ PS3

Before continuing with the actual procedure, you need to have the following items.

  1. Android Smartphone
  2. TV to connect PS device.

It’s an easy process if you adhere to the below steps. Just follow the steps as it is.

Steps to Install Cinema HD on PlayStation

  • First of all, connect TV and PS4/ PS3 with the help of HDMI Cable.
PS 4 and TV
  • Now, make sure that both PS device and Smart phone are on the same network.
  • On your Smartphone, please install the Cinema HD application. If you don’t know, kindly follow our guide on How to install Cinema HD on Android Devices.
  • Please connect your PlayStation device to the Android Mobile.
  • While opening the content on Cinema HD, uncheck the option called Use internal player.
  • Now open the application and watch your favorite entertainment content.


What is PlayStation?

It’s a gaming console that brings incredible games on live and experiences a wide range of exclusive games. You will have over 500 games on PlayStation. Apart from this, PlayStation can be used as a streaming device for entertainment applications.

Is it legal to stream Cinema HD On PS4/PS3?

Yes, It is absolutely free to stream the application.

Can this procedure apply to all types of PS devices?

You can use this guide on all play stations to stream Cinema HD. It works fine for all PS devices.